• Printing paper

    • 백상지

      Uncoated Woodfree paper

      It is the most representative product among printing papers and is a type used for books, notebooks, textbooks, and problem books.

      Basis weight: : 60,70,80,90,100,120,150,180,220,260g/m²
    • 아트지

      Coated Woodfree Gloss Paper “Art Paper”

      Coated Woodfree paper or Art paper is paper coated with pigment coating on base paper and has excellent smoothness during printing and excellent gloss, so it is used for fliers, magazines, catalogs, and calendars.

      Basis weight: : 80,90,100,120,150,180,200,250,300g/m²
    • MFC


      MFC is a paper product slightly coated with pigments on the surface using a Metering Size Press on a paper machine. It has superior printability and opacity compared to uncoated woodfree paper and is mainly used for study materials, supplementary textbooks, and periodical magazines.

      Basis weight: : 70,80,90,100g/m²
    • 스노우화이트지

      Coated Woodfree Matte or Dull Paper “Snow White paper”

      It is a high-quality paper with a lower gloss than Gloss Paper “Art Paper” and a matte finish that gives it a warm, calm, and subtle look like white snow. Used for pamphlets, catalogs, and calendars.

      Basis weight: : 80,90,100,120,150,180,200,250,300g/m²
    • Industrial Papers

    • SC마닐라

      Coated Recycled Board Greyback, “CCNB or SC Manila”

      It is a paperboard produced in multiple layers using bleached pulp and recycled pulp. The front is white and the back is gray. It is a representative industrial paperboard used in general household goods such as confectionery and toy packages.

      Basis weight: : 240,260,280,300,350,400,450,500g/m²
    • IVORY

      Coated Recycled Board Whiteback, “CCWB or IVORY”

      Ivory uses bleached pulp on both the front and back, making it white on both sides. It is a paperboard that can be printed on both the front and back sides, and is used for high-quality packaging for cosmetics, food, medicine, and clothing.

      Basis weight: : 240,260,280,300,350,400,450,500g/m²
    • R-IV

      FBB OBA-free “R-IV”

      This FBB is produced for food use using 100% pure pulp and is used for food packaging materials such as paper lunch boxes and donut boxes, as well as premium packaging for cigarettes and cosmetics.

      Basis weight::240,260,280,300,350,400,450,500g/m²
    • Kraft

      Kraft board

      This product is made from kraft pulp and has excellent mechanical strength, so it is mainly used as heavy-duty packaging containers. It is used for food packaging such as pizza boxes and chicken boxes, alcohol packaging, and various stationery purposes.

      Basis weight::240,260,280,300,350,400,450,500g/m²
    • Specialty Papers

    • 매직칼라

      Colored Text and Cover Paper “Magic Color”

      This paper contains a wide range of colors from soft pastel colors to vivid colors. It is widely used for book publishing and various wrappers.

      Basis weight: : 45,75,90,120,150,200,250,300,350g/m²
    • 페스티발

      Patterned and Colored Paper “Festival”

      It is a fancy paper that has been processed into base paper and has unique patterns. It is mainly used for envelopes, business cards, wrapping paper, and shopping bags.

      Basis weight: : 75,110,120,150,180,200,250g/m²
    • 스타라이트

      Metalic Paper “Starlight”

      This is a product with a metalic coating on the surface of the base paper, and is mainly used for leaflets, book covers, business cards, and luxury packaging.

      Basis weight: : 120,200,250g/m²
    • CCP

      CCB or CCP

      Cast coating is applied to the base material produced using 100% virgin pulp, making it as glossy as glass. It is a high-gloss paper and is used as high-quality packaging for pharmaceutical products and cosmetics, as well as a base paper for gold and silver foils.

      Basis weight: : 200,250,300,350,400g/m²