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Quote Specification of Corrugated containerboard

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A-flute corrugated is superior to other flutes corrugated boxes in terms of vertical compression strength and cushioning absorption, but its low flute density makes it weak for long-term storage.

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Box type

  • A Type

    The most basic form of cardboard box
    This is the most common type in boxgood standard products.

    박스 A타입
  • B Type

    The floor is assembled and the joints are smooth, giving it a luxurious appearance.

    박스 B타입
  • C Type

    It has the advantage of shortening the sealing time by interlacing the bottom, and there are two methods for the top: taping and inserting.

    박스 C타입
  • D Type

    This is a specially shaped box with a low height that can accommodate calendars, picture frames, stationery, documents, etc.

    박스 D타입

Type of goal


    Product packaging within 10kg. Excellent elasticity, making it suitable for ramen boxes and snack boxes

    Quantity/30㎤:34 ± 2

    Product packaging within 5KG. Suitable for light delivery boxes and used in internet shopping malls

    Quantity/30㎤:48 ± 2

    Product packaging within 3KG. Used for products that are strong but weak in elasticity and therefore vulnerable to impact.

    Quantity/30㎤:48 ± 2


    Double-sided corrugated cardboard of B and A corrugations is most often used as general industrial product boxes or agricultural product boxes.

    Quantity/30㎤:34 ± 2

    E-corrugated and B-corrugated double-sided corrugated cardboard suitable for agricultural products boxes that require strength and are small in volume.

    Quantity/30㎤:48 ± 2

Corrugated containerboard base paper

골판지 원지 설명 이미지

Corrugated wick

Product name CK SK KT
Basis weight 180,200,250g/㎥ 120g/㎥ 160g/㎥
Usage High-strength corrugated wick Corrugated paper Corrugated paper, double-sided paper
Product name KS KPK
Basis weight 100,100,120g/㎥ 250,120g/㎥
Usage Corrugated wick for export Corrugated wick

Surface paper

Product name KLB SK WL1
Basis weight 175,225g/㎥ 180g/㎥ 180g/㎥
Usage High-strength surface paper Surface paper Surface paper

Double sided paper

Product name K B
Basis weight 180,200,250g/㎥ 150g/㎥
Usage Double sided paper Double sided paper