IPP Co., Ltd. was reborn in January 2020.

We welcome you to IPP’s website.

The born of IPP Co., Ltd
Since its establishment in 1995, IPP Co., Ltd. has strived to grow into a trusted and respected company in the paper distribution industry..
In 2007, we achieved annual sales of USD 80 million(KRW 100 billion) and were reborn as a large distribution company. We are continuously striving to grow and develop into a very large distribution company targeting annual sales of USD 160 million(KRW 200 billion).

New start of IPP Co. Ltd
IPP Co., Ltd. was transformed into a new shareholder and new management through the acquisition of shares in 2020.
As there have been new changes, IPP Co., Ltd. will not limit its distribution business to just one company and will strive to become a top-notch distribution company through business diversification.

IPP with customers
IPP Co., Ltd. will grow into a company that always thinks about customers and people, keeping in mind the company motto of “Human unity & customer satisfaction.”
We hope that the IPP website can be a place for information and communication where we carefully listen to the voices of our customers.

We ask for your interest and support.