Ideal Talent

  • Sincere employee

    - Talented people who do everything with sincerity and a humble attitude.
    - Talent who is always with customers and keeps pace with the era of customer satisfaction

  • Responsible employee

    - Talented people who fulfill their roles and responsibilities as members of society living together
    - Talented people who cultivate core abilities with proactive thinking and have a vision in their field

  • Creative employee

    - Talent who pursues change with progressive and flexible thinking
    - Talented people who constantly strive to become leading figures in the information society

Welfare Benefits

  • Support for the stable daily life

    • - Tuition for children
    • - Medical Expenses Support
    • - Meal Expenses
  • Support for the healthy life

    • - General Medical Checkups
    • - Medical Insurance and Pension
    • - Employment Insurance and Industrial Accident Insurace
  • Paid Leave and Financial Support for Wedding, Funeral of Family members

    • - 5-day work in a week
    • - Support for club activities such as sports activities

Recruitment Inquiry

TEL +82-02-860-4969
FAX +82-02-869-0766
E-Mail teddy@ipp.co.kr